Guaranteeing well-being today without compromising future generations

We perform a time-aged job in a modern world and in doing so we seek to innovate the organization, the quality, the processes, the mentality and the behaviour.
The objective is continuous improvement: we learn how to improve from analysing our errors; we put ourselves in the front line responding the strict regulations which govern this industry. The four certificates we have obtained are a great source of pride for us as this is a unique achievement in this industry. We do not see them as a constraint, quite the opposite; they are an opportunity of constant evolution. Our Integrated Management System conforms to UNI EN ISO 9001 for Quality System Certification, UNI EN ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 for Safety Management System and SA 8000 for Social Accountability System.
In particular, complying with the SA 8000 standard and its requirements forms our behavioural guidelines in terms of workers’ safety and their rights.
They are all system Certificates, all connected to the organisation which bears witness to the company’s day-to-day commitment in electing to adhere to responsible behaviour at all levels, monitoring and reacting to the financial, environmental and social expectations of all stakeholders.

For over 40 years we have been working towards the preservation and protection of the environment

Piomboleghe, a member of the Colombo Group, operates in the industry of scrap lead batteries and lead waste recycling aimed at the production of lead alloys and refined lead. A subsidiary company produces lead sheet and lead manufactured products. (Picchi srl, Centro Laminati srl).
We are a member of COBAT – a national association for the collection of scrap batteries – which in the last twenty years has guaranteed a far-reaching network of collection network and one of the world’s highest levels of scrap battery collection. This is an all-Italian example of excellence of source of pride for our country which has willingly received EU directives.
The Piomboleghe brand is recognised and registered with the London Metal Exchange, the most important stock market for non-ferrous metals in the world.
Ethics, like quality, which is a constant and indefeasible goal, is 100% present in the life of our company, so much so as to permeate through every step of recovery, smelting and processing of lead-containing non-ferrous metals paying the utmost attention to the environment.