When in your house black crows give birth to white doves,
then will you be called wise.

The far-reaching transformation which the company has been undergoing, both in terms of the ethical model and production processes, as well as in terms of the radical restructuring of the office buildings, is encapsulated in Piomboleghe’s new logo which came to life as the result of an Alchemic-like process, as a metaphor of far-reaching transformation from within to the outside world.

Saturn’s scythe is the symbol of Lead, the raw material, blackness.
Abstraction is transformed into a company logo thereby institutionalising an ancient sign which speaks of becoming, expresses innovation, encapsulates the strategy and reinforces social accountability.

It represents what Piomboleghe does, as it represents an evolution of the alchemic process in that it is able to transform the lead contained in scrapped lead batteries into refined lead as well as into sheets and other manufactured forms.