When in your house black crows give birth to white doves, then will you be called wise.

The present disclosure has been drawn up in accordance to the provisions of 8 May 2014 issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority, it integrates and updates other disclosures on the website and provides together with these all the elements required by art. 13 of  European Regulation 679/2016 – GDPR and subsequent provisions of  the Italian Data Protection Authority. It is possible to consult detailed information on the decision by visiting the Authority website on this link:

Our company uses web page technologies that make use of cookies and this policy is meant to explain to the user how they function.


Cookies are small data files that the websites that the user visits send to their terminal – whatever it may be – where they are stored in order to be sent back to those websites at the time of the following visit by the same used.


Cookies used in this website can be classified in the three following categories:

  • Technical cookies: allow the user optimal navigation through the website and an efficient use of the services and functions that it offers; they are necessary to improve the fruition of the website;
  • Analytics cookies: tools for web analytics in anonymous and collective form, that allow to get information about how users find and use the website, and to introduce improvements, developments and to process statistics.

Third-party cookies: are cookies that operators from another websites install on the user’s terminal through this website. The third-party cookies, which have mainly an analytic purpose, derive mostly from features of Google Analytics. More information on Google Analytics is available at the following link:

To disable cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting your browsing data, you can download a browser add-on to deactivate Google Analytics by clicking the following link:


The user can also set their own privacy settings in relation to the installation and use of cookies, directly through their browser, by following the following instructions. In case the user decides to fully disable cookies, some website features may not work properly.

In order to disable or limit cookies, both from this and others websites, directly through your browser, you can follow the following instructions for the most popular browsers:

  • Google Chrome: click the Chrome menu button at the top right “Customize and control Google Chrome” and then select “Settings”. In the new tab click “Show advanced settings” and in the “Privacy” section click the “Content settings” button, in the “Cookies” section you can fully or partially disable cookies.
  • Mozilla Firefox: click the menu button at the top right and choose “Options”. In the new tab select the “Privacy” panel. On its left you can disable all or part of the cookies.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: select the “Tools” button at the top right on the browser toolbar and then select “Internet options”. In the new tab select “Privacy” and under “Settings” you can fully or partially disable cookies.