When in your house black crows give birth to white doves, then will you be called wise.

We are culturally oriented to continuous improvement.
This requires our full commitment towards working efficiently and effectively. We set ourselves goals which we frequently measure ourselves against to keep them in line with our expectations and those of our stakeholders.
The scope of our commitment includes:

  • respect for the law and applicable regulations.
  • respect for ethical principles which safeguard human dignity, workers’ rights and the fight against any form of discrimination through the Ethical Code.
  • listening to client, supplier, contractor and workers’ needs by opening permanent and transparent communication channels.
  • prevention, observation and protection to reduce incidents, forms of pollution, industrial illnesses and accidents and in order to face emergency situations.
  • efficiency of processes and tasks due to precise management of machinery, plant, equipment and the workplace.
  • coordination and cooperation between the various resources within the company and with external organisations.