Lead fuels our society

Lead is employed in different fields and it is an essential material for many daily-use products. From renewable energy and construction industry, to transportation and logistics, going via communication networks and medical: lead combined to technology is a key material for the development and the survival of our society.


Transportation & Vehicles

Our lead powers batteries of: - Public and Private Transportation - Commercial Vehicles - Charging stations for Electric Vehicles - Logistics and Warehouse Vehicles

Renewable and Industrial energy

Our lead powers the storage batteries of facilities that generate renewable energy such as: - Wind Power - Solar Energy

Construction Industry and Agriculture

Our lead powers the batteries of: - Generators, Cranes, Bulldozers, Excavators - Tractors, Harvesters and Mowers

Medical, Security and Public Safety

Our lead powers the batteries of buildings and vehicles such as: Hospitals, Ambulances and Helicopters Wheelchairs, Medical Devices and Emergency Lighting Systems Police and Public Safety vehicles

Communication Networks

Our lead powers batteries of buildings and units such as: Cell tower uninterruptible power supply Central office and Switching Centers Small and Macro cells