We prove our commitment by using renewable resources and reducing consumption.

Our development and production model is based on sustainability fundamentals.
We are committed to decreasing the impact of our company on environment and climate change.

Piomboleghe voluntarily and transparently draws up the Sustainability Report, which describes and measures the impact of each activity according to the standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative.

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We reduce non-renewable energy consumption

A part of our electricity source is implemented by a photovoltaic system placed on the roof of our establishment: in 2021 it covered 15,8% daily requirement, reducing the amount of CO2 emissions.
Every year we evaluate the adoption of renewable sources only with a Guarantee of Origin certificate.

We reduce dangerous emissions

Our low-air pollutant production plants use the best technology available on the market and comply with industry environmental regulations.

We limit non-recyclable waste

Our production model is based on recycling materials and existing products, extending their life-cycle. This way, we minimize the production of waste and we reduce the percentage of scrapyard waste.

We optimize water consumption

During all production processes, we reduce water spills and leaks.
In fact, our company has an in-house water purifier that allows the treatment and reuse of water consumed during the production cycle, as well as the recovery of rainwater.