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Step 1: The process begins with the collection of spent lead-acid accumulators, lead plate waste, dross, slag, slurry and lead-containing sludge.

Step 2: From classification and storage of the material the processes moves onto the grinding of the batteries and separation of the various components.i.

Step 3: The scrap batteries are loaded onto a hopper and then put into a grinding mill. The ground material is then collected and conveyed to a vibration separator which performs the separation of the humid fine particles in paste form from the remaining larger components. The larger particles are deviated to a vertical hydrodynamic separator which performs the separation of polypropylene, grids, lead poles, plastic mixes and light sterile parts. The paste is treated with the necessary ingredients to obtain lead carbonate.

Step 4: Lead carbonate is obtained in order to greatly reduce the presence of sulphur in the paste, via a modern and complex installation which, together with the connected crystallization plant, absolutely guarantees full compliance with SOX chimney emission requirements, as well as reducing the amount of sterile waste to be sent to authorised refuse centres by over 50%. The crystallization plant produces sodium sulphate which can be sold.

Step 5: Emission control systems continuously check the level of atmospheric emission and the water purification plant treats all liquid waste which is partially recycled.

Step 6: Lead carbonate is transferred to the smelting and reduction phase, subject to mixing with various lead residues, in rotary furnaces which are fuelled by a mix of oxygen and methane. Meanwhile the highly metallic grids are smelted separately to optimize the reduction operation in smelters.

Step 7: The crude lead obtained by smelting is then transferred to the refinery where it is refined, analysed by a spectrophotometer and labelled according to the specific alloy requested by the client.

I Prodotti:

  • REFINED LEAD  Pb 99,97%